Friday, 1 October 2010

Don't stop me now...not BMW's favourite Song

BMW's The envy of many a car driver, well not today! They'll be driving home hoping they're not going to plough through the garage door when they get home...if they get there at all.

Every brake light in front will be met with panic..will they stop in time, or will they hurtle in to the back of the No. 9 bus.....Can it be any worse for BMW doing their utmost to emulate Toyota.

Oh dear the press will have a field day, turning something that probably effects a dozen cars out of the 350,000 recalled in to a major crisis, speculating it will lead to job losses at BMW and a double dip recession throughout the developed world.

The press I suspect have a lot to answer for, they simply love to build something or someone up just so that they can knock them down again. And BMW will be no exception.

We seem to loose all sense of perspective when it comes to slightly bad news, instead of focusing on the positive action taken by BMW all the coverage will be on what may possibly happen if (a big IF) the brakes do fail.

Lets get some perspective in our lives and start looking forward with a bit of optimism instead of looking for the negatives in everything.

If you're selling a BMW no doubt it will still make good money and you can rest easy knowing that BMW will fix the problem with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience to you.

RANT over 

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