Friday, 8 October 2010

What's the quickest way to sell my car?

You may be thinking how do I sell my car with the minimum of effort, minimum of hassle but at the best price?
Car Arena will distribute your cars details to all our registered Motor Dealers, Motor Traders and Car Buyers, professional buyers who won’t waste your time, they have everything they need from the information supplied to make you a cash offer for your car.
If you really are wondering how do I sell my car, give Car Arena a go, it is free of charge and won’t cost you a penny.
Once your car is on our site, the dealers can view the details and decide if it is a car they would like to buy. The more information you can include the better, you are more likely to receive offers for your car if you let potential buyers know about any extras.
Another important thing to remember when you are asking how do I sell my car? Is, is the offer genuine. All the potential buyers on the Car Arena site make their living buying and selling cars, as you will be receiving more than one offer you will be able to judge for yourself a realistic price for your car.  Once you have received your offers, feel free to call the buyers and discuss their offer. You may be able to sell your car for more should there be something you didn’t mention on the original listing i.e. it has four new tyres,  has recently being serviced or has sat nav etc..
Because the dealers listed on Car Arena pay to bid on your car you can be sure they are committed, and not just there to make the numbers up. If you really want to sell your car you will sell it on Car Arena.

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