Thursday, 30 December 2010

Car Arena - Targets the No. 1 Position for Selling Your Car On line

Following the low profile launch of Car Arena in October 2010, which was a new web site created to enable private car sellers to sell their cars quickly, on line, with more choices and at a higher price. Car Arena is now preparing to take the brand to the next level. With hundreds of registered dealers already using the site, they are building the brand slowly to ensure they can meet the expectations of not only the public selling their cars but of the subscribing dealers who are buying cars.

After months of initial development and subsequently refining the web site during the initial three months after the soft launch, Car Arena are now pushing forward into 2011 and are certain they can facilitate the sale of thousands of cars a month between private sellers and trade buyers.

January sees Car Arena launch a nationwide trade advertising campaign to attract even more high quality Motor Traders, Motor Dealers and Professional Car Buyers to the team. As a result of the anticipated increase in subscribing Motor Dealers the public advertising spend will be increased so that they can carry on matching buyers with sellers as the demand increases.

With a TV campaign already in development, 2011 looks like it will be an exciting year for Car Arena as they strive to be come the number one brand for selling your car on line.

For Motor Trade Professionals, they need never worry about supply issues again, Car Arena will feed an almost endless supply of stock for purchasing, whether you need to buy one car a week or 10 cars a day with the collection of inclusive package prices available Car Arena will be an extremely competitive solution for sourcing new stock within the motor industry. All package prices include unlimited trade listing of vehicles.

For more information call 0844 414 0985 or complete our on line form and we will be in touch with you.

Monday, 20 December 2010

A Month to Forget

December 2010 has been one to forget for the beleaguered Car Industry. With the banks about to cash in their £7 billion + bonuses the car industry is reflecting on an awful end to 2010. Normally a quiet time of year for car sales anyway, the exceptionally hard cold spell we are currently experiencing has put the big freeze on anyone considering changing their car.

With the country quite literally frozen solid many people who were considering changing their car are putting off buying a car until at least the New Year. With the snow and ice covering the UK and you can understand why people would not want to be driving a new car at the moment. In fact the only people changing their car at the moment are those that are able to buy a 4x4.  Whilst they are bucking the trend and 4x4’s selling like proverbial hotcake, for many people those types of cars are out of their reach financially and to some people even morally!

Many are asking if the Car Industry will pull through, of course it will. A few of the smaller dealers may go out of business and perhaps some of the larger ones may struggle with cash flow, especially if they rely on high volume and low margins but many will have been prepared for a quiet December and will hopefully managed their stock and cash accordingly. But, inevitably lots of cash will be tied up in stock that isn't moving and in a lot of cases depreciating each month dealers will be offering some great deals to those that do manage to get out and can be persuaded to change their car now.

Those buyers that are holding out for nicer weather may be missing out on the great deals that are out there at the moment. As soon as there is a prolonged break in the weather, the industry will pick up again, find its feet and probably break into a sprint. Those people who didn’t or couldn’t venture out in the snow and ice will be coming out of hibernation and all hoping to grab one of those great deals. The chances are though, those great deals will have disappeared with the snow and within days the clogged forecourts will be virtually empty with only the cars that no one else wants remaining.

Dealers will have a lot of lost profit to make for and in true “Supply and Demand” fashion the prices may start to rise to help them try and recover from the “lost" December. This may mean there is no such thing as a January Sale in the Car Industry in 2011.

Dealers will be on the look out for good quality car stock in 2011 and for people who are thinking who will buy my car it could be a great time to sell your car online to a dealer rather than trying to find a buyer your car privately.

Sell to a car dealer through Car Arena, they will look after everything for you and ensure you are paid in full when they collect your car

Monday, 6 December 2010

New Vehicle Sales Production

After the 5th successive monthly fall in New Car Registrations in the UK, with November 2010 seeing an 11.5% fall against November 2009.

Is it really as bad as it seems, are we heading for a double dip recession led head first by the car industry?

The headline figures would certainly suggest that, but dig a little deeper and things start to look a lot more rosy, well you can see the bulbs at least.

Last years figures are heavily distorted, largely due to the government scrappage scheme. Anyone with a car older than 10 years old, could get £1000 from the government, this was then matched by the manufacturers with another £1000. If truth be told the cars sold in the scrappage scheme more often than not were the low end of the market. People trading in a 10 year old car were very unlikely to buy a BMW 3 series or Audi A4, but very likely to buy a Fiat Punto or Vauxhall Corsa. If the effects of the scrappage scheme was stripped out then actual like for like sales would show something like a 14% increase according to the SMMT.

Fleet sales are up 6% with many companies trying to upgrade their fleets before the VAT rate rises to 20% in January. Also as many of the cars produced in the UK are now exported to Europe further good news in that actual car production was up 31% against the same period in 2009.

So lets look at the positives:
Higher value cars now being sold versus the low value cars in the scrappage scheme.
Like for like sales up 14%
Fleet sales up 6%
Exports up 31%

Things all of a sudden start to look a lot better, so sell your car, buy a new car and lets start getting the country moving again instead of wallowing in self pity!

In 2011 used cars will be in high demand, both from the public and dealers wanting to supply those cars, if you are thinking I want to sell my car, make sure you go to the right place and get a few valuations on your car before committing to anything!

Car Arena will work hard to get you the best possible price for your car.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winning the World Cup...not in this decade..or the next!


The world cup fails to come home again, today at 3pm England failed in their efforts to become the host nation of the 2018 World Cup. It went to Russia!!!
Not since the heroes of 66 Banks, Cohen, J Charlton, Moore, Wilson, Peters, Hunt, Hurst, B Charlton, Stiles & Ball carried the Jules Rimet trophy high above their heads has the people’s game been on our shores and it won't be now until at least 2030

The BBC and  some of the UK media did their best to derail the attempt to bring this tournament to our shores, for whatever reason they were putting their own short term interests in front of the interests of the entire country…it looks like they succeeded.

I hope the UK Media are pleased with their efforts, surely they could have timed their documentaries better than a couple of days before the vote.

The country must now come together as one first for the Olympic Games in 2012, then regroup to bid for the 2030 World Cup Bid
I do hope though that a serious investigation is started into the corrupt world of FIFA. football is corrupt and it starts at the top and runs right down to the professional game with players attempting to cheat and dive their way to success.

This does beggar the question though “how far would you go to secure tickets for a world cup finals match and would you travel to Russia?”
Sell a car? Sell the family jewels? Split up with a wife/girlfriend?
I personally think I would sell my car. Yes it`s nice to have some nice wheels, but come the time of the tournament I’m sure the infrastructure for transport in our country will be first class, trains, buses, trams, the underground will all surely have had a major upheaval.
But who would actually buy my car if everyone else is doing the same?
a) Car Arena will buy your car!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Winter Driving

A few inches of snow and the country comes to a standstill, how do places in Russia carry on with every day life when the temperature plummets to -60C for months on end?

Well today I have some sympathy for those that were unable to get into work. It is getting pretty bad out there. Living at the bottom of a very slight incline isn't good news on days like this. After digging six neighbours cars out of the snow ruts (and my wifes after I decided to have a go at getting out), all of which decided not to venture any further, I decided not to even attempt to get my car out of the garage. I didn't want to cry off work though...what if I was the only one in the office that didn't make it in?

So I donned my trainers, jogging bottoms and waterproof jacket and headed off into the snow swept landscape that is Hull. 5 miles and one hour later I stumbled in to work (which I thought was good going in the snow) to a full office! If you can get out of your side street than the main roads seem pretty much OK and because most people have decided to stay at home the roads were pretty empty.

There's a lot to be said for owning a four wheel drive, if only to pull others out of the snow. Digging at 6.45am is not much fun!!

Whilst you may mock people in the gas guzzling beasts, I bet everyone wishes they had the use of a 4x4 for the winter.

If I was able to I wouldn't hesitate to sell my car and buy a nice Mercedes ML or Range Rover. Then I wouldn't be facing the prospect of a 5 mile hike back home later!

I guess selling my car, a convertible in winter isn't going to be easy though and by the time I have sold the convertible, the weather will have changed and there'll be no need for a 4x4...well until the next time at least!!

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