Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Winter Driving

A few inches of snow and the country comes to a standstill, how do places in Russia carry on with every day life when the temperature plummets to -60C for months on end?

Well today I have some sympathy for those that were unable to get into work. It is getting pretty bad out there. Living at the bottom of a very slight incline isn't good news on days like this. After digging six neighbours cars out of the snow ruts (and my wifes after I decided to have a go at getting out), all of which decided not to venture any further, I decided not to even attempt to get my car out of the garage. I didn't want to cry off work though...what if I was the only one in the office that didn't make it in?

So I donned my trainers, jogging bottoms and waterproof jacket and headed off into the snow swept landscape that is Hull. 5 miles and one hour later I stumbled in to work (which I thought was good going in the snow) to a full office! If you can get out of your side street than the main roads seem pretty much OK and because most people have decided to stay at home the roads were pretty empty.

There's a lot to be said for owning a four wheel drive, if only to pull others out of the snow. Digging at 6.45am is not much fun!!

Whilst you may mock people in the gas guzzling beasts, I bet everyone wishes they had the use of a 4x4 for the winter.

If I was able to I wouldn't hesitate to sell my car and buy a nice Mercedes ML or Range Rover. Then I wouldn't be facing the prospect of a 5 mile hike back home later!

I guess selling my car, a convertible in winter isn't going to be easy though and by the time I have sold the convertible, the weather will have changed and there'll be no need for a 4x4...well until the next time at least!!

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