Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winning the World Cup...not in this decade..or the next!


The world cup fails to come home again, today at 3pm England failed in their efforts to become the host nation of the 2018 World Cup. It went to Russia!!!
Not since the heroes of 66 Banks, Cohen, J Charlton, Moore, Wilson, Peters, Hunt, Hurst, B Charlton, Stiles & Ball carried the Jules Rimet trophy high above their heads has the people’s game been on our shores and it won't be now until at least 2030

The BBC and  some of the UK media did their best to derail the attempt to bring this tournament to our shores, for whatever reason they were putting their own short term interests in front of the interests of the entire country…it looks like they succeeded.

I hope the UK Media are pleased with their efforts, surely they could have timed their documentaries better than a couple of days before the vote.

The country must now come together as one first for the Olympic Games in 2012, then regroup to bid for the 2030 World Cup Bid
I do hope though that a serious investigation is started into the corrupt world of FIFA. football is corrupt and it starts at the top and runs right down to the professional game with players attempting to cheat and dive their way to success.

This does beggar the question though “how far would you go to secure tickets for a world cup finals match and would you travel to Russia?”
Sell a car? Sell the family jewels? Split up with a wife/girlfriend?
I personally think I would sell my car. Yes it`s nice to have some nice wheels, but come the time of the tournament I’m sure the infrastructure for transport in our country will be first class, trains, buses, trams, the underground will all surely have had a major upheaval.
But who would actually buy my car if everyone else is doing the same?
a) Car Arena will buy your car!

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  1. Can't agree with this article I am afraid!
    Panorama only reported in a manner befitting the traditions of our (relatively) free press which - in the bigger scheme of things - is something to be much more prouder of than the hosting of a World Cup!
    As for them "sitting on" the information until after the vote...that's just not ethical! Can you imagine the outcry if the BBC carried out this practice before a General Election!
    In answer to your question, I would sell a car...probably to a car buying company.