Thursday, 28 October 2010

The London Congestion Charge

The times I have been to London, had a fantastic meeting with clients, come away feeling great only to be whacked below the belt two weeks later by my wife as a letter arrives informing me of an £80 charge...
I do plead guilty of all the offences, the worst one was once I actually called them to see if I had driven into it by accident, they couldn't tell me and said I should just pay it if I was in any doubt, running late for a meeting I said I would call back and do just that...only I didn't!
It looks like progress is being made though, you can now register for auto charging....I'm going to do this as soon as I can. The thought of another £80 bill landing on my door mat doesn't fill me with pleasure, rest assured if I don't I can guarantee the next time I go to London I'll get another lovely letter from Boris!
Or perhaps I should sell my car and buy a New Mini One D....somehow they have got their emissions down to 99g/km.....1g/km below the 100g/km exemption level...this looks a bit contrived to me. The hours of work they must have put in to arrive at that figure must be phenomenal, was the car stripped out and Frankie Dettori employed as the driver, driving down hill, with a hurricane strength tail wind. I wonder what the emissions are under everyday use.

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