Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ryder Cup Ambush Marketing

With the Ryder cup about to Tee off, companies who wouldn't dip their hands into their pockets to sponsor the event are trying to cash in on the tournament. Paddy Power are in the process of building a massive HOLLYWOOD style sign that over looks the first tee.

Is this clever marketing, unethical, tight, cheating, funny....???

Whatever you may think of it, companies have to come up with ways to advertise their brand cost effectively and already the column inches given to Paddy Power must be the envy of other large companies who only wished they'd got there first.

I could only dream of getting a Car Arena logo displayed at the Paris motor show for free, I can see it now at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Ferrari having paid millions for their stand, waiting patiently ready to unveil their latest incarnation the 599 convertible to the worlds media, the covers come off and I have manged to paint their beautiful Red Ferrari, Pantone 200 Blue and slapped a huge Car Arena logo on it declaring free car valuations...not a very nice thing to do but immediately the brand would be recognised across the world. Now I imagine around any new car launch the security would be akin to that surrounding Mr Obama  having tea in Helmand Province...still we can dream.

Already the London Olympic Committee are working hard to ensure only official sponsors have access to the 2012 Games, advertising sites in and around London have been snapped up and reserved for official sponsors...Still I have a couple of years to figure out how I can crash this Party...Only kidding Mr Coe, I wouldn't dream of such a thing...well I would, but wouldn't have the guts to try and do it!!!

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