Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Precious about your cars value?????

Err.... of course you are who wouldn't be?
I guess car buyers fall into categories....those who just want a run-about, the ones that live for their cars, those that like to get a new car but only change every 10 years when they have run it into the ground and those that chop and change more often than they change their socks!

Up until two years ago I fell into change every 2nd Sunday category.....third child then left me no option but to trade my BMW in for a family bus....lost a fortune on the BMW that I had only had for a few months...but had to take it on the chin!

Family and friends often used to ask me "what is my car worth"....finger went up in the air and I plucked a figure out, the end result was a disgruntled friend or cousin! Just because I had had 10 cars in 18 months they thought that made me some sort of it just made a big hole in my bank account!

Thankfully due to the rise of the many web site companies offering cash for cars and free car valuations I just refer them to these and don't have to upset them any more....which brings me back to my point of people who are precious about their cars the end of the day a car is like anything else, it is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.

Just because one year ago you paid £20,000 for it doesn't mean it is still worth £18,000.

There are many car buying companies such as we buy any car, bestcarbuyer, we will buy any car, car arena that will give you the value of your car. The latter is a new site that submits your car to hundreds of dealers and will result in multiple cash offers for your car so you can compare and see for yourself if you are getting a good deal.
All car dealers use similar car valuation tools and don't forget their knowledge of the trade to make offers on your car, they are also running a business to make a profit so don't expect £15,000 for your car just because you saw a similar one for sale in your local dealership.

Offers are often lower from these companies than you may be able to get if you sell your car  privately, but then you don't have any hassle and the tyre kickers. Some even collect the car direct from your door and pay you there and then before they take the car away. Your car could be sold and cash in your bank same day!! Trying to sell privately may take weeks and cost quite a bit once you have paid for your advert, tidied your car up, reduced your price...then readvertised it!

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