Friday, 24 September 2010

Car Arena - A New Dealing Platform for Motor Dealers, Motor Traders & Car Buyers

Car Dealers, Buyers and Traders can now take advantage of Car Arena's unique online trading platform.
Car Arena was developed in 2010 to help Main Dealers, Motor Traders and Buyers have more opportunities to purchase vehicles directly from the public in order to secure new stock and maximise future profits.
Having extensive experience in all sectors of the motor trade, Car Arena has been created by the trade for the trade.
Car Arena has created an opportunity for traders to enter the market to buy cars direct from the public at realistic prices without the huge outlay for advertising, web site development and car information databases.
Dealer Benefits
  • CAP Data valuation on every car – all the information in one place to instantly assess the cars real trade value
  • Sales management process – Use the system and tools to ensure all leads are followed up
  • Auto email System – The system automatically emails the seller once you make an offer
  • Fully automatic process – Not able to sit and bid, save parameters onto our system and have it bid for you.
  • 1000’s of buying opportunities – Thousands of opportunities each day, our advertising spend is optimised so that you don’t have to spend thousands of £’s on search engines and trade advertisements
  • Increase vehicle turnover and profits – Use Car Arena to quickly buy and re-sell stock
  • An alternative stock stream – Access to stock that normally isn’t available to you directly
  • Pick the cars you want, make and age etc – Set the system up so that you are only notified of the cars that really interest you.
  • Quickly locate vehicles asked for – looking for specific vehicles, find them quickly with Car Arena
  • Sell vehicles immediately back into the trade for quick profits - maximising profits and increasing cash flow.
  • No minimum period contract – try it for a month
  • Get access online, right now – You could be up and running within minutes
  • For traders only – Strictly reputable traders only
  • No advertising costs, the cars come to you – we do the advertising for you, you don’t need to spend a penny more.
  • No hassle direct debit payment – no monthly hassles, simple direct debit payments
  • Online reporting – View your accounts status anytime.
How it Works
We spend thousands of pounds each week in advertising and marketing to ensure we have a high volume of potential sellers constantly entering their vehicles details on to the Car Arena portal. It is important that we have enough high quality dealers bidding and more importantly buying these vehicles.
Once a seller has entered their cars details on Car Arena, this car’s information is immediately available for you to view along with;-
  • CAP valuations (clean/average/below)
  • Vehicle details such as condition of exterior and interior, tyres, MOT, Service details colour, whether or not a V5 is available and any other details added by the seller including additional photos.
  • DVLA Data such as previous owners, date of last change and date of first registration, engine capacity, CO2 rating, Fuel Type and if it is a UK car.
  • CAP Data provides further information on the full specification of the car.
All the above information allows you to make a realistic bid on the car, you know what you could retail the car for, or what its value would be in the trade and what level of profit you would like to make from the deal.
Making a bid on the vehicle releases the sellers’ details to you enabling you to follow up your bid and negotiate.
No longer is buying cars directly from the public reserved for just a few established online businesses, with thousands of pounds to spend on advertising and marketing each week.
You can also submit you stock vehicles on to the Car Arena portal and receive bids from other dealers.
With no middle men involved, negotiations take place directly with the cars owners and the buying dealer.
Log on to or call Ashley on 0844 4140985 for more information on how to become an approved Car Arena Dealer.

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