Monday, 11 July 2011

Why Is It A Chore To Sell Your Car?

Selling a car is a real headache for many people. Tyre kickers, advertising costs, day trippers, test-pilots, dealers and dreamers are all issues for anyone selling a car.
It can be a tricky process and, particularly if you are not experienced, you can find yourself losing out on money needlessly.

So, if you want to sell your car, it is worth investigating your options thoroughly. We advise you to go through a professional organisation such as Car Arena or at least check up on the guide price on vehicle registration sites.

Let’s assume you are buying another car – new or slightly used. If it’s a private sale then the seller is not likely to want to take your old car in part-exchange. If you are buying from a dealer a part-ex may appeal, but it can leave you out of pocket.

A private sale is usually a testing and time consuming experience. Firstly you have to advertise the car, or maybe advertise it in your local paper. You have to pay to advertise. Advertising doesn’t come with money-back guarantees, but you’ve paid the money, uploaded the pictures and you are sat waiting by the phone. Sadly the most frequent callers for advertised cars are other advertisers trying to get you to advertise with them instead. When you do get an interested caller you have to make sure it is clean (again), and arrange a time for them to view the car. Maybe they will turn up, maybe they won’t.
The next problem is do you really want strangers coming to your home? It’s OK for bright, young confident men to show their car to prospective buyers, but if you’ve less confidence it could be a potentially nerve wracking experience.

And what are you going to do if the potential purchaser wants a test drive? What about the insurance? What if they want the car inspected and you have to take more time off work? If the sale does go through, how are they going to pay for the car? Is the cash real money or have they printed it at home? Will the Banker’s Draft turn out to be a forgery?

So what about a part-ex with the dealership? Unless you really know the market I would steer clear, it’s hard to know if you’re getting the right price or deal.

Most car dealerships specialise. That becomes your problem as they can’t give you the best price on a car they don’t deal in as they themselves have to resell it within the trade.
Even if your dealer is a main dealer and you are buying the same make again, when you are part-exchanging any chance of discount will be bundled up in your part-ex valuation, making it difficult to work out whether or not you’re getting a good deal.

So where to turn? Well try a simple and free vehicle registration checker and get the guide, market price for you car, then why not list it quickly and easily on a Car Auction website who’s audience is professional dealers or car tradesmen (in other words, not timewaster!) Sit back and then simply wait for the offers to roll in, there’s no stress and you won’t be under any pressure to accept offers given – but if you do then you can be sure to receive your money quickly and have your car picked up by the dealer themselves.

Car Arena will make you a cash offer for your car,  the whole process should take a matter of minutes. It’s so easy!

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